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J.Gardner 1510
M.Growtwch 1500
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Nailstone Church in Leicestershire, home to many GARDNER Graves. Including Henry Gardner the Elder b 1648. My 9th Great Grandfather.

Hi and welcome to my Family Tree pages. I started researching my Family Tree thanks to two big influences that pushed me down this very addictive path. Firstly my parents have been researching their Family Tree for many years. They have done this without the aid of computer assisted research. That meant going to various records offices, churches and other trips out that sometimes brought back success, other times dead ends. The second infulence for me was the coming on line of the 1901 England and Wales census. When they eventually fixed the initial teething problems they had with it, I tried it. So in Dec 2004 our Family bought Family Tree Maker 2005. We subscribed to Ancestry.co.uk and my tree started to grow. Please look around the site, on the left are various links to other pages. If you think you are related to me I would love to hear from you. My email address is below.



Direct Line 1

John Gardner born 1510

James Gardner born 1535

John Gardner born 1563

Piers Gardner born 1597

Henry Gardner born 1648

James Gardner born 1683

Direct Line 2

Marjoire Growtwych born c 1500

John Voughton        born c1540

Thomas Voughton   born 1574

Thomas Voughton   born 1597

Benedicta Voughton born 1625

Benedicta Weightman born 1659

Letitia Cheatle   born 1688

Daniel Gardner born 1711


Letitia Cheshire born 1719

John Gardner born 1741

William Gardner born 1779

Thomas Gardner born 1814

Thomas Gardner born 1845

John Gardner born 1876

Donald Gardner born 1908

John Gardner born 1932

David Gardner born xxxx